Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You say you do UX design. Do you do other kinds of design?

A: We want to improve how humans interact with electronic devices. Our primary expertise lies in designing understandable and useful screens. However, we also do packaging design for physical products.
Our grail is to design a smart coffee maker one day.

Q: What about development? Can you also build?

A: Yes, we can. In fact, we think it's best when we also build the interfaces we design. We build with JavaScript, React, React Native, Firebase and other modern technology.

Q: What does the product strategy mean?

A: It's a plan of tackling a specific problem. We get out of the building to talk to your prospective customers. That's called customer development. We then analyze those interviews to hone in on the core of the problem. That helps to find a useful solution which helps avoid wasting time on building something that no one needs. We've seen businesses waste years and millions of dollars by investing based on assumptions that eventually turned out to be incorrect. No good.

Q: I don't have an interface to unfuck. However, I have an innovative idea. Can you help me?

A: Great, we'd be happy to help you shape your idea. Use the Free Consultation button at the top to get some feedback.


Architectural view on UX and human ergonomics

The main stage of market research allows for a popular rating, relying on insider information. Production meaningfully inhibits interpersonal repeated contact. According to Philip Kotler’s already classic work.

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